Friday 30 August 2013

Had a nice walk with Alison & Lady Palmer @Nostell today.

Quite intreegued (sorry!) by how the trunk of this dead giant tapers so fast at the top!

Quite a nice view from near the boathouse. They are changing the land from parkland back to the hay meadows that the estate used to have. I think this is a good idea and they have what look like a prize-winning herd of cattle to do the grazing. However, they have kept quite a few acres as parkland and were cutting the grass while we were there - with a single rotor blade just the width of the tractor! Maximum inefficiency! Why not do an acre a day with a silage cutter and feed the grass to the herd? In Switzerland I stayed with a farmer who had a contract with the council to cut the grass verges in his local area. Not only did he get a bit of money for doing it but he would bring the grass back and feed his cattle at milking time! Maximum efficiency!

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